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12.27.16 Today's Law: December 27, 2016 - Alienating Child's ffection and Custody, Changes to Foil and Access to Digital Assets read more >
08.17.15 Today's Law: Adoption and Inheritance, Reform of Divorce Laws, Misrepresentations in University Applications read more >
02.02.15 Today's Law: Abuse of Power of Attorney, Visitation When Same Sex Couple Divorce, Estate and Gift Tax Numbers read more >
08.05.14 Today's Law: Love and Business Don't Mix, NY Estate Tax Reform, Child Support Past 17 read more >
12.14.12 Today's Law: Waiting for a Check to "Clear", Federal Estate Tax Reform, Maybe, Divorce and Enhanced Earnings read more >

Civil Liberties Column

07.12.17 Civil Liberties: Displaying the Text of the Ten Commandments on Public Property Endorses Religion read more >
06.21.17 Civil Liberties: Do Police Need a Warrant to Collect Cellphone Location Information? read more >
05.17.17 Civil Liberties: Sanctuary City Order Undone by Trump's Words read more >
03.22.17 Civil Liberties: Eliminating Funding for Planned Parenthood Not a Solution read more >
03.08.17 Civil Liberties: Can Felon Disenfranchisement Laws be Challenged read more >
02.22.17 Civil Liberties: Trump's Rhetoric Sinks Immigration Order read more >
02.08.17 Civil Liberties: Why Records of Nojay Proceeding had to be Disclosed read more >
01.18.17 Civil Liberties: Trump Great for the Private Prison Industry read more >
01.04.17 Civil Liberties: Supreme Court May Circumscribe Power of Lay Judges read more >
12.21.16 Civil Liberties: Should Officers be Penalized for Not Using Body Cameras read more >

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