Forsyth & Forsyth is a law firm practicing in Monroe County Rochester, New York in area of Divorce, Tax, Estates, Child Support, Custody, Wills

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Legal Fees

Our policy is not to "nickel and dime you to death". We provide good service at a reasonable cost. We will quote you a fee estimate and a range of what the total fee may be. Many times the ultimate fee will be beyond things we can control, such as how hard your adversary may want to fight.

For divorce, custody, support, and matrimonial cases, it is generally preferred to come in a for an initial conference. The cost for the initial conference is $300.00.

At the initial conference, George will learn more about your case and quote you an initial retainer. The amount of the initial retainer will depend on the complexity of your case. If you retain George as your lawyer, you will be billed at the rate of $300.00 per hour for the time he puts in on your file. You will only be billed for George's time - not paralegal time, associate time, or secretary time. The retainer is not the fee. If the retainer is used up, it will be necessary to pay an additional retainer - depending on what remains to be done.

Many times George will quote you a retainer on the phone after hearing some of the facts of your case and your goals. The best thing to do is call him at (585) 262-3400 and talk with him about it.

If your divorce or matrimonial matter is completely uncontested, George may be able to quote a flat fee. Flat fees vary and your case may qualify if it involves no fighting or adversarial work.

For estate administration, Scott too prefers to meet with you early to discuss the size of the estate and the complexity of its administration. He will then quote you. For estate planning, Scott will strive to quote you a flat fee at the first conference. The fee will cover all of the advice to be rendered and the documents to be generated.

For accident cases, George will charge a contingent fee (no fee if no recovery) of 33.33% of any settlement.

Call us at (585) 262-3400 for a fee estimate on any of the legal work we do.

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