Forsyth & Forsyth is a law firm practicing in Monroe County Rochester, New York. Forsyth & Forsyth Specializes in Contracts

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Contracts are private laws, obligating the parties to perform certain tasks in exchange for certain benefits. Just as you go to an attorney to learn what public laws the legislature has enacted, so too should you consult with an attorney before you enter into a private law. At our firm Scott provides this service.

If the other side has sent you a contract draft, forward it to Scott. He will ask you what your objectives are and then explain whether the draft achieves those objectives. Usually the devil is in the details, like the other party being able to collect attorney fees in the event you breach the contract but not vice versa.

If you have the task of preparing the contract, Scott can assist you. He writes plainly and believes firmly in the KISS principle. You will not be paying him by the word.

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