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Divorce, Child Support, and Custody: George has been handling divorce cases since 1978. He has tried many cases and settled hundreds of cases. While a settlement is always preferred, it is sometimes necessary to have a judge decide the outcome if an acceptable compromise cannot be achieved. Almost all clients who get divorced feel as if the process goes on forever. While some cases are more complicated, George tries not to get his clients bogged down in mountains of paperwork, endless bickering and whining, and drawn-out issues.

Estates: Scott learned estate practice from his father and has taken it to whole new level. He has represented hundreds of executors, trustees, and beneficiaries. He is efficient and detail-oriented. These are strengths because this area of the law can be technical and has enormous income and estate tax consequences. Scott understands that clients infrequently encounter estates and want them settled as quickly as possible.

Accidents: If you have been hurt in an accident, call George at (585) 262-3400 to see if there is a case. George has represented dozens of injured clients over his years of practice. If you are entitled to some money, he will fight just as hard as he can to get you your money. He has successfully settled many cases without ever having to go to court.

Wills and Trusts: Administering an estate is made a whole lot easier if the deceased has properly planned the disposition of his or her property. A person may have multiple objectives, e.g. protect family members, reduce transfer taxes, benefit charity, etc. There are multiple tools to achieve these objectives. Scott has a deep grasp of the tools and will match the tools to your objectives.

Civil litigation: Check with George as he has represented individuals and businesses in claims over money, property, boundary lines, contracts, faulty construction, and many others. Have you considered binding arbitration instead of the traditional litigation route? In some cases, it is more cost effective to use some kind of alternative resolution process.

Taxation: We all pay income taxes. Unfortunately, Congress keeps making the tax laws more complicated. Scott keeps track of the changes as they apply to individuals. During the year, he can help you structure your affairs to maximum tax advantage. Come tax time, he can prepare your return for you.

Contracts: You have heard it said many times, you should not sign a contract until counsel reviews it. At our firm Scott provides this service. He also prepares basic contracts.

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