Forsyth & Forsyth is a law firm practicing in Monroe County Rochester, New York. Forsyth & Forsyth Specializes in Accidents

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If you have been hurt in an accident, call George at (585) 262-3400 to see if there is a case. George has represented dozens of injured clients over 33 years of practice. If you are entitled to some money, he will fight just as hard as he can to get you your money. He has successfully settled many cases without ever having to go to Court. George will come to your home or meet you in the hospital to discuss your case.

If you have been injured, the best thing to do is call George immediately. Whether you have a case depends on who is responsible for the happening of the accident. Most cases are decided on determining who is at fault, the extent of the injuries, and the existence of insurance to pay a settlement.

If a construction worker falls from a ladder or scaffold, there may be recovery even in cases that might not appear to have merit. This is because a part of New York’s Labor Law protects workers who are working at a height and fall to the ground below. These cases are ones of strict liability and do not follow the traditional rules of negligence.

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